New Art Club’s artistic directors Tom and Pete have both been teaching dance and theatre practice in varied contexts for over 20 years.

Their work emphasises creativity and exploration of ideas through inspiring and fun tasks that are tailored for the particular needs of the group and/or individual. They believe strongly that engaging creatively in dance is of great intrinsic benefit for all people whatever their age or level of experience.

“A great opportunity to discover how movement can enhance a child’s development, build confidence, interact and unlock their creative potential.” Mrs Wood, Walter Halls Primary School, Nottingham

New Art Club are available for a range of education and community activities covering the following:

  • Theatre, Dance and Comedy Technique
  • Choreography
  • Improvisation skills
  • Creative processes
  • Performance skills
  • Making of work under the direction of New Art Club


Key stage 1: 5-7yrs

Key stage 2: 7-11yrs

Key Stage 3: 11-14yrs

Workshops will focus on the ideas and themes of the companies work, participants will experience the following:

  • High quality teaching from one of the company.
  • A lively, fun energetic warm up appropriate to age and experience.
  • An introduction to some aspects of the creative process for one or more of the companies productions.
  • A chance to perform for the rest of the workshop participants.

Workshops can also be tailor made to a certain learning outcome or topic of the National Curriculum.


Key Stage 4: 14-16yrs

Key Stage 5: 16-18yrs

These workshops are tailor made for students that are exploring dance and theatre in more detail, supporting dance for GCSE, AS and A Level dance students, BTEC Performing Arts students, Centre for Advanced Training (CAT Scheme), Gifted and Talented programmes and students studying Arts Award at both silver and gold level.


Workshops offered are specifically for theatre students who are studying the Arts in Higher and Further Education and are keen to develop their skills and knowledge in performance. New Art Club will take the students on a physical journey exploring theatre writing, creative processes, how to generate movement and text ideas, as well as an opportunity to find out more about the company.


New Art Club offers Professional Development opportunities for dance and theatre practitioners. These sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation or the artists involved.

Examples of themes used in Professional Development work include:

  • The use of lighting, set and production
  • The use of text within dance performance
  • Choreographic development
  • Art & Games – creating and developing rules
  • Creating and changing image – how context affects meaning
  • Work with teachers, group leaders and other professionals

Alongside their work with students, New Art Club are prolific in providing professional training and support to teachers and other professional dance and sports leaders in a variety of settings.

INSET sessions can be provided to support all of the practical movement work. Teaching methods are studied using practical and discussion sessions that aim to invigorate the tired teacher and inspire the less confident.


Group sizes should be no more than a full class for the children and young people workshops and a maximum of 30 participants for the rest of the workshop programme. The company can offer sessions per half-day, full day and residencies.

All workshops will require a suitable space such as a hall or gym (sprung floor if possible) plus access to a computer input or CD player.

For all workshops it’s important that participants wear comfortable clothing to move freely.

Level of Experience: All workshops are inclusive of age and ability. If there is a certain level of experience required for a specific workshops this will be mentioned in the description of the workshop.

Delivery of the workshops will be to the highest quality and standard by a member/s of New Art Club.

All Artists delivering the workshops are qualified and certified to work with children, young people and vulnerable young adults.


One leader:

£200 per day 2-4 hours teaching time

£250 per day 6 hours teaching time

Two Leaders:

Additional £150 2-4 hours teaching time

Additional £250 per day 6 hours teaching time

Please note fees are exclusive of travel and VAT


For more information and to enquire about bookings for workshop please contact us.